About this map

This map identifies high priority locations to go birding this May and June in riparian habitats across the Southwest. Within the Colorado River Basin, these places were identified based on where Audubon's priority riparian birds (including Bell's Vireo, Summer Tanager, Yellow Warbler, and Yellow-breasted Chat) are expected to occur, but where observations are currently lacking. Whether found here or not, more information collected in these places will help improve our baseline knowledge of bird distribution and abundance across the Southwest.

How to use it

Look for teal placemarks to learn more about the priority locations. If you don’t see a placemark near your desired location, zoom out for more options. Once you've identified a site, click on the placemark for more information and to open it in Google Maps. These points are a suggested starting place, and getting to the exact location is not necessary – as long as surveys are within a kilometer of the point, the data will be very useful. While we did choose sites that are located on public lands and near public roads, some of these locations are remote. As such, Google Maps should only be used as a tool for how to get to a birding site generally. It does not account for parking, trails, and other factors you may experience. Plan accordingly! If you have questions about a site, please email your state contact for the bird count.